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'CuseFunder:   Now you, too, can become a microphilanthropist!  Browse really cool projects in the campus community and pick one that fits your interest. This Syracuse University-based crowd funding site is a great way to designate your donation--no matter how big or small--to a project of your choice.  There's always something new and interesting to get involved with.


Corporate Kiosks  If you're a crafter, this is a great way to sell your wares.  Membership gives you access to companies who host vendor programs on-site. 


CraftLister.com  Find a craft show, list a craft show, apply for a craft show.  A comprehensive list of shows, promoters, and other crafter resources.


Annex Learning Inc.  My "real" job -- corporate leadership development and consulting, large-scale meeting facilitation, team-building events.   



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