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How do I assemble my watch?

Click here to link to a short video demonstrating how to assemble a Mix & Match watch.

How do I know my watch will fit?

Sizing bracelets of any kind is not an easy task.  Wrists come in many sizes and people’s preference for “snugness” varies.  To compound that difficulty, most folks (121 included) list bracelet sizes by length which is not always accurate for beaded or chunky jewelry styles.   The bigger the beads, the less space inside the bracelet for your wrist regardless of the length. 

How to measure your wrist:
Wrap a flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper/string around your wrist right above the bone.  If using the paper/string method, mark it where the end meets then measure it with a ruler.  If your wrist falls between quarter-inch increments, round up to the nearest quarter-inch.

Typical wrist sizes for American women and their equivalent bracelet lengths:

Small           =  5-3/4 inches or less   (requires a bracelet length of 6-3/4” or less)
Average       =  6 to 6-3/4 inches      (requires a bracelet length of 7 to 7-3/4”)
Large           =  7 inches or more       (requires a bracelet length of 8" or more)



How to size your beaded watch band/watch combo:

Our watch faces vary in size from 1" to 1-5/8 inches.  The size (in inches) is listed with each watch.  Watch band sizes are also listed.  Add the length of the watch to the length of the watchband for the total length. 

Use this formula:


Face Size   +   Band Size   =   Total Length


Then decide if you prefer a snug fit (first column below) or a loose fit (second column below).  If the bracelet length fits within the guidelines listed, you have a fit.  Always use the second column for watchbands that have large, round beads.




Snug to Comfortable Fit


Loose Bracelet Fit  OR Large Round Beads


Small Wrist


6-3/4” or less


8” or less


Average Wrist


7 to 7-3/4”


8 to 8-1/4”


Large Wrist


8” or more


8-1/4” or more





How to size your ribbon watch:

All of our ribbon watch bands are made with an adjustable clasp and can be worn on wrists sized between 5-1/2" and 8-1/4".  And, if you're good with a sewing needle, the bands can be tacked in the center (under the watch face) to make them EVEN smaller.

Custom Sizing

Most of our beaded watch bands can be re-sized to fit any wrist--small or large.  If you are not completely satisfied with the fit of your selection, just return it.  We'll resize it (by adding or removing beads) and return it to you promptly.  A $5.00 fee includes the cost to resize and re-ship your watchband.

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